Feel the smell of nature.
ORGANO PLASTICA - a new eco-friendly product based on plastic, from which we produce a variety of products that can hold a fragrance for a long time and consist of more than half of the natural eco-friendly components.
ORGANO PLASTICA - a composition based on the limited swellable high molecular weight polymers, forming product with up to 80% essential oils.
Plastic with a distinct scent.
Keeps the smell from 3 months to 5 years
Safe 10-80% organic product.
NON Toxic
Does not contain harm material for the environment (like PVC)
We are sure that the future belongs to the biodagradable plastic.
We have created a unique product.
This is a new step in plastic products. Plastic that exudes a pleasant scent.
3 years

More than three years of work on the project
7 products

More than seven products we can produce
1240 hours

Spent on creation, research and development

Result - patens pending
Just imagine that plastic products can smell like real!
Christmas tree
Acquiring a plastic Christmas tree that smells like a real one, you reduce deforestation.
Plastic fruit
Plastic fruits containing natural fragrance can become an element of the interior creating additional comfort in the house.
Fito clay
Phyto-clay, with the help of which you can create together with your child various plastic crafts .
Our bait contains the flavor of the bait already in itself, which increases the percentage of successful catch.
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