The composition of our polymer allows us to produce not only raw materials, but also our own product lines.
iSmell - phone case with distinct scent
Your iSmell phone case, it can smell like orange, rose, ocean - remind of important events in life, summer, about going home, the smell of cinnamon can remind of Christmas. This can be a great gift.
Christmas tree
Acquiring a plastic Christmas tree that smells like a real one, you reduce deforestation.
Fito clay
Phyto-clay, with the help of which you can create together with your child various plastic crafts. And it will not be just a gift. And the gift, which with its pleasant aroma, will remind of you.
Ordinary products but with a smell :)
Plastic fruits containing natural fragrance can become an element of the interior creating additional comfort in the house.
The usual plastic toys can open for you in a new way. Children's train, which may smell like a passing train.
Plastic flowers, which smell like real, can be a wonderful decoration of any hotel, any interior.

Our bait contains the flavor of the bait already in itself, which increases the percentage of successful catch.
Flavored fiber
We produce flavored fiber. Threads from which you can produce fabrics. Fabrics from which you can produce clothes with a pleasant aroma.
SHTUKA - virus bloker
Shtuka - the compact badge that solves the problem of protecting your health in a megacity. This is a stylish accessory that forms a safe environment around the consumer and has a positive effect on the immunity, thereby reducing the likelihood of infection by viruses and penetration of infections.

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